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Mirrex personal makeup mirror with LED light

Here are several makeup mirrors with light reviews and why we think Angel Lux from Mirrex as the best one. “Beautiful” is a word used by dozens to reviewers to describe this lighted makeup mirror, including one who raves, “I can’t get over it! It makes my room pop for sure. The price is great and I love how there are no labels or writing like other ones have. It makes it look clean and expensive.” Another writes, “It’s so beautiful and classic, I’ve been in the market for one that’s not so pricey and for this price I couldn’t beat it. I absolutely love this mirror and it came with extra light bulbs in case some burnout.” And as a bonus, reviewers loved the extra outlet feature, as well as the light settings, like one owner who says, “I just can’t even explain how amazing this mirror is. The lighting is adjustable from ‘pretty bright’ to ‘surface of the sun’ to where you can see every pore of your face. It doesn’t take up a ton of space on my vanity, and the outlet on the side of the mirror makes the inevitable battery death during a Facebook live a non-issue.”

Whether you fancy a high-tech mirror with all the bells and whistles (yes, some of them can play music at you) or a super basic one that just gets the job done, you’re bound to find one that suits your personal style and preference (plus, you’ll have it in approximately two days flat if you’re a Prime member). All this is to say: If the lighting in your home isn’t up to snuff and you find yourself fixing your makeup outside or once you get to work, then investing in a vanity mirror with lights could be an amazing solution that changes the way you get ready. Without further ado, check out these light-up vanity mirrors you can score on Amazon, no matter what your budget allows. Read more details on Vanity makeup mirror.

The design of this mirror is fairly simple, yet very effective. It has vanity-style lights that surround the entire mirror and get super bright—they also have a great range of brightness and the ability to dim down more softly than candlelight. The 8.8-inch-tall mirror could stand to be a bit larger since sometimes those lights can get in your eyes. It comes with a small attachable 10x magnification mirror. However, that bonus mirror blocks a big portion of the main mirror, so we preferred to use it separately instead of tacking it onto the glass.

There’s never a good excuse to not look your best, especially if you’re out with friends, or you have important meetings ahead of you. So touch-ups are definitely a must when you are out and about, no matter how hurried your itinerary or schedule may be. How many times have you redone your makeup in a dim-lighted washroom, only to realize it’s all blotched up when you finally enter a well-lit room? Or worse, you find out once your friends start tagging you in their photos! The Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror provides color-correct and magnified details for spot-on looks! Our portable mirror taps into unique patented technology to give you the best tool for precise makeup application and touch-ups. The Angle Lux Light feature offers natural illumination, so you can easily spot blemishes and blotching. Beyond just being a handy touch-up buddy, our lighted mirror also functions as a wireless charger for any QI gadget, including iPhones and Samsung smartphones. Recharging the portable mirror is easy. Simply connect it to any computer or socket using a USB cable! The Mirrex portable lighted makeup mirror boasts excellent quality, with its scratch-proof surface and high-quality ABS plastic base. Here are other reasons to love our lighted mirror: It has three easy-to-adjust lighting modes: bright, moderate, and dim The product is FCC/CE/ROHS certified, which means it’s free of hazardous substances It comes with a free storage case. Light the way to flawless makeup. Add the Mirrex Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror to your cart TODAY! Source: https://www.mirrex.store/.

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